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History of Oscar Awards

Oscar Awards : The memories of popular culture

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History of Oscar Awards

Historically, the Oscar Awards have given us many memories of popular culture. The Academy Awards, known as the Oscar Awards, are awards given to productions that have achieved artistic and technical success in the film industry and are organized once a year. This award is given by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. So, when are the Oscar Awards given? What is the Oscar Award, how did it come about? So many Oscar Awards winning movies are streaming on Moviesjoy Website.

History of Oscar Awards

What is OSCAR?

Academy Awards, or popularly known as Oscar awards, are awards for artistic and technical achievements in the film industry. The awards are given annually by the California-based Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Although the official name of the statuette given to the award winners is the "Academy Award of Merit", it is often referred to as the "Oscar". The figurine is a knight depicted in art deco style. EuropixHD Online site is also having so many movies that were there in the race of OSCAR Awards.

What is OSCAR?

When has the OSCAR Awards happened?

It is an award given to the most successful artists of the year in the film industry. It was conceived by the "Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences" in 1927 and was given to 11 artists for the first time in 1929. Today, Oscars are distributed to 25 people every year. The figurine given at the awards ceremony took its original name in 1931, after Margaret Menick, one of the academy's general secretaries, said "Just like my uncle Oscar!" The Academy did not officially use the name Oscar until 1939.

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 1927

The awards, which began to be given in Los Angeles in 1929, are distributed once a year at a ceremony held in February. The Academy's membership list of approximately 6,000 film professionals is kept confidential.

The Oscar statuette was designed by Metro Goldwyn Mayer's artistic director Cedric Gibbons. Cedric Gibbons drew a sketch of a knight standing with his sword in hand on a five-piece film reel at that moment. The five rings of this film reel represent actors, film writers, directors, producers, and technicians. The figurine is 34 centimeters high, weighs 3.85 kilograms, and is covered in 24-carat gold. Look Movies is the new and safe site to enjoy movies that are having good rankings and are there in the Oscar to compete.

OSCAR Awards

How are OSCAR awards nominated?

Members receive an invitation to join the academy. Membership is given by the Board of Governors. A distinguished career in cinema is a prerequisite for membership. Academy membership is divided into more than 15 branches to represent different disciplines in motion pictures. These; actors, directors, cinematographers, art directors, film editors, music, producers, public relations, short films and animation, sound, visual effects, writers, documentaries. In order for a film to be nominated for an Oscar, it must be longer than 40 minutes, have been screened in at least one movie theater in the US-Los Angeles province, and the screening must last at least a week. Enjoy OSCAR awards nominated movies on the Afdah Movies Online website.

OSCAR Awards Nominated
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